Lindsey C., age 11
“My first Blue Marlin”

“The Skipjack 262 is the best
trailerable boat built, period.”
— Herb C.

Meet Herb's family – Herb, Lynn and their daughters Lindsey and Leigh.

A family of fishing fanatics! In fact, the girls began fishing at age 3 with Leigh catching her first Striped Marlin at age 5. Lindsey caught this Blue Marlin weighing in at 260 lbs when she was 11 years old.

Lindsey & Lil' Sis Leigh
“Gone Fishin'”

While some little girls put on their ballet shoes, Lindsey and Leigh are experts at searching the horizon for birds, bait and boils. These girls, with sweaty palms clenched around their rods, live for the thrill and anticipation of yelling "Hook-up!"

Since age 3, fishing and Skipjack have been part of their lives. Their parents, Herb and Lynn, were knowledgeable and demanding in choosing their family vessel: "We looked at every trailerable boat available. The Skipjack 262 was just what we were looking for — serious offshore sport fishing and comfortable family cruising. In the last two seasons alone we logged 3,986 nautical miles aboard Bounty Hunter."


"We knew what we wanted. The boat had to have a reputation for raising fish. To West Coast anglers, Skipjack is at the top of the list in that category. I also needed the simpler things in life such as a diesel engine, fish hold, large water and fuel capacity, flybridge, hot water and large bait tank capacity – I have three live wells on the boat! Lynn's needs were simple; large areas for storage, inverter for a microwave oven and indoor plumbing. We found the boat met all our requirements. The Skipjack 262 is the best trailerable boat built, period."

“We fish primarily offshore for marlin and tuna. A seaworthy boat is imperative. When you log the number of hours we do, you experience various sea conditions. We have found our Skipjack to be responsive in close quarters.

Mexican beach boat launch

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